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The principal employees of Strategic Mapping and Data Services LLC have been in the agricultural business of mapping, database driven marketing, and data management for over twenty  years, with a combined knowledge of over thirty  years. 

Strategic Mapping and Data Services LLC started as the technology and database marketing department at Purina Mills, Inc. in 1995. By providing cutting edge technology in support of the various marketing groups within Purina Mills through data entry, mapping marketing and demographic data, email maintenance and information/training, this department was able to service over 4000 independent dealers and 400 salespeople. In 2000, Format International Ltd. acquired the personnel from Purina Mills.

Today, Strategic Mapping and Data Services LLC, along with Format International, Inc. provide the same leading edge technology to clients worldwide.  We currently have as clients national and international agribusiness companies.  Currently the technologies we employ and utilize include:

The personnel employed by Strategic Mapping and Data Services LLC all have experience with database, mapping, web design and internet technologies.  Click here for a full "who we are" document (as a PDF document)  or (Power Point Document).  Dr. Stachiw's resume is also available for you information (as a s PDF) by clicking here.


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Dr. Michael Stachiw, Ph.D.
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Ms. Rita Fosse
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Dr. Glenn Walther
Phone: 800-208-6963
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